Prophetic Word About The Body Of Christ

On Dec 12, 2020 the Lord gave me a word about the Body Of Christ.

There will be people who will lose their positions

They will be people who will lose their status.

They will be people who will be removed from office.

And this will happen all over the world.

People won’t have to run US anymore for freedom they will change things right where they are.

Christians will be raised up all over the world.

Leaders in the US and foreign countries who have abused their authority will be removed.

And Christians will take those roles.

I am here to tell you that there are a lot people involved in what is occurring in the US and I sense that there are people behind the scenes that are laughing thinking that they have gotten away with what has happened in the US but it won’t happen. They will be exposed.

Money, fame and power have control too many people lives that’s why they will be exposed.

Things is about to change for the Church.

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