Dream I Had On 11-11-20 About Voter Fraud

I had a dream in which if you listened to my message Don’t Listen to the Serpent I said on there The Lord told me on Nov 4 that Voter Fraud was involved.

Now in the dream that’s what I saw but I saw people saying that they were paid to vote a certain way and they spoke about it on camera they also was scared to talk about it but they felt like they had to come clean.

Then I heard another voice that said try to prove it.

I know that there are more things that happened in this election and I do know that everything that has to done in the dark will be brought to the light.

The Bible says in Numbers 32:33

Your sin will find you out

There’s no way these people will get away with what has happened in this election it cannot happen and won’t happen.

I know right now all the news media are saying voter fraud is false but that is not true and like I said these people want you to believe what they want you to believe.

You can’t be moved by what you see and hear from the news media.

You have to be moved by what you believe which is the Word of God and Stand on that.

The Word of God is the Final Authority.

I just ask that you continue to pray for the truth to come out and Praise God for the victory.

This is Damon Williams and I thank you for listening

And Know That There’s Nothing That You Can’t Do For There’s A Champion In You!

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